New development of a machine for manufacturing cellulose pulp’s food trays

bandejas pulpa de celulosa embalaje ecológico

At Hamer we design and manufacture custom blister and thermoforming machinery. From innovation we make our philosophy. This means that we are constantly exploring new horizons beyond the manufacture of blister packaging machines and thermoforming machines.

On this occasion, our concern for new developments has led us to obtain an innovation loan granted by the CDTI (Centre for Industrial Technological Development), an entity dependent on the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities, for the development of a new machine to produce trays of laminated cellulose pulp, 100% compostable for food applications. This is an R&D&I technological development project that will be carried out by our professionals from the beginning to the end.

The main objective of the market is to be able to provide a solution within the circular economy for the great demand of trays for gastronomic use.

The growing concern for the environment has led us to develop new solutions for large-scale ecological packaging such as the food industry. Cellulose pulp packaging is fully recyclable and environmentally friendly. Technological development allows us to offer a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic packaging for food applications. The manufacture of cellulose pulp packaging is an environmentally friendly process from raw material extraction to subsequent recycling.

From Hamer we promote innovative solutions to meet any need of our customers in ecological packaging, industrial packaging, medical packaging and retail packaging. We work to continue growing in the manufacture of blister and thermoforming machines to open up new fields of technological development to continue reinventing ourselves. Our commitment is to provide new products to meet the needs of our customers through the development of new technologies, from design to manufacture.