About us

HAMER is a European company founded in 1980 by the Schiess family of Swiss origin. It is currently run by the second generation. Together with a team of experienced professionals, it dedicated to providing solutions to your packaging needs.

In our facilities, we design and manufacture equipment for the packaging market,. Especially thermoforming machines for the production of single-use plastic packaging. As well as automatic and semi-automatic lines for the production of blister packs.

Our R & D & I capability distinguishes us. It allows us to incorporate new solutions based on 4.0 technology, such as remote equipment management, or innovation in new materials such as cellulose pulp.

How we work

Our commitment is to solve the problems of our customers, that is why we offer tailor-made solutions, that suit your needs.

We integrate the entire process into our facilities. From the design by our technical team to manufacturing in the production department.

We are able to propose the design you need, advise you on the selection of the most suitable solution, we will manufacture the mould that optimizes the performance and we will carry out the commissioning and starting up, guaranteeing the control of the whole process.

During the life of the equipment we will accompany you giving the necessary technical support at all times to ensure the correct operation.

Why Hamer?

More than 40 years in the market, we give you the experience that guarantees solutions.

Thanks to our Swiss origins we maintain high standards of innovation and technological development.

Through our multidisciplinary team, we control the process of design, manufacture, commissioning and starting up.