What is Thermoforming?

Thermoforming is a process of transformation of a plain plastic foil into a three-dimensional shape through the application of heat, vacuum, and air pressure.

It is an inexpensive method that allows the production of single-use plastic parts with a wide variety of uses. For example, the packaging of a product or auxiliary carrying supports such as trays used in industrial production.

Why use Thermoforming?

  • The cost of machinery and technology is minimum so Thermoforming is cost-effective in high and low productions.
  • You can use various materials, PET, PVC, PC, PS, PP, etc.
  • May replace the injection technique for a certain type of parts.
  • The moulds are economic, compared with other technologies.
  • Production times are short.
  • Is ideal for the manufacture of single-use packaging.
  • It is a suitable process for the manufacture of prototypes.

In which applications can be used?

  • Trays for transporting parts in industrial applications.
  • Support trays for the horticultural industry.
  • Cases and trays for the food industry.
thermoforming machines

thermoforming machines

thermoforming machines

Hamer termoforming cover

Technical specifications

General descriptionFilm thermoforming machines
Forming film thickness (max.)1.5 mm (up to 2 mm optional)1,0 mm0,5 mm
Forming area (max.)400x600600x700350x500350x500
Forming depth below film line (max.)140 mm140 mm80 mm80 mm
Cycle speed in dry conditions (cycles/min.)40 c/min40 c/min30 c/min22 c/min
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Thermoforming machine TVP 64 / TVP 67

Máquina termoformadora TVP64 TVP67

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Thermoforming machine TVP 35

Máquina termoformadora TVP35

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Thermoforming machine FV 35R

Máquina termoformadora FV35R portada

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Hamer designs and manufactures moulds and tooling sets for production equipment of containers and packaging. We apply our knowledge to conceive and design the tooling, although we can also import designs to our system of CAD files supplied by the client.

We have several CNC machining centers, we work with materials such as aluminum, steel, or technical polymers for the manufacture of moulds. We take care of critical aspects such as refrigeration and vacuum circuits that will allow the proper control of the moulding process.
The final assembly and finishing of the moulds are done in our facilities, working the finishes by hand in order to guarantee a superior finish in the pieces.

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