What is a medical blister?

The medical blister is a container designed to contain all kinds of health-related devices for subsequent sterilization. Its medical use requires that the safety in its manufacture be maximum.

The medical blister has the following characteristics:

  • High technical requirements.
  • Must allow sterilization process, that’s why is sealed against medical paper.
  • It can help the application (functional blister).

We distinguish between the flexible medical blister of the rigid, more used for the packaging of medical devices.

Applications of the rigid medical blister

  • Trays for medical devices and rigid blister packs.
  • Medical transport trays.
  • Trays for medical kits.
medical blister machines

Blister packaging BPC 25M / BPC 35M

Envasadora blíster BPC25M BPC35M

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Blister packaging HM 30

Envasadora blíster medical HM30

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