Hamer is transforming the clear aligner world

Orthodontic clear aligner treatment is experiencing considerable growth worldwide. This rising demand automation in the process chain for dental aligner production.  Production process: One of the essential parts of the process is thermoforming. Dental thermoforming machines work by applying heat and pressure to a plastic sheet which is positioned on top of the 3D model … Continued

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Laminating machine LH76

Do you want to know our Lamination solutions for Pulp Trays? This machine has been designed to laminate pulp and cardboard trays with several materials, including compostable films delivering a reliable process and high output. LH76 laminating machine integrates all operations, picking preformed fiber trays from a conveyor, laminating by vacuum through film roll, individual … Continued

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New video Blister packaging machine BPC23

Say HI to the smallest member of our Automatic Blistering solutions, our BPC23. Automatic line machine suitable for manufacturing face-seal blister, full-sealed blister and full plastic blister. The BPC23 integrates all the necessary operations for the manufacture of the blister, from the thermoforming from a plastic roll, through the ​​loading of the product, sealing, individual punching … Continued

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