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Fiber Forming Ecological Machine
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Thermoforming pulp HP96

Hamer termoforming cover
Ecological packaging
molded fiber lid

Fiber forming machine for the production of ecological, recyclable, compostable, and disposable packaging with the possibility of forming trays and other products of various capacities with or without compartments.


  • Overflow tub with continuous circulation process.
  • Forming station with rotational and vertical movement by Servo Motors.
  • Forming tool 900 x 600 mm.
  • Transfer station by servomotors.
  • Drying Press stations (two press stations on a row) with Individual Temperature, Pressure, Time, Vacuum and Blowing control.
  • Outfeed Pick and Place.
  • Stations Shifting system through linear guiding and Servo Motors.
  • User friendly HMI, with extra Wi-Fi HMI through external Tablet for User-friendly control.
  • Separate Electrical Cabinet.
  • VPN connection for remote support.
  • Safety measures.


The HP is a Fiber Forming Ecological Machine to manufacture fiber-based solutions for the packaging industry, with huge flexibility in shapes, materials, and process treatments.

Vacuum absorption of the cellulose material is made into the overflow tub.

After the forming process, the forming tool will rotate 180ºand perform the first press during the transfer process to the hot drying presses.

The transfer station will place the first tray distribution into the linear system to start with the hot pressing process until obtaining the desired product specification.

The drying process combines a complex control of Temperature, Pressure, Press time, Vacuum, and Drying process through its two drying presses giving a perfect result on the final product.

Linear shifting through a conveyor system allows quick movement between stations without losing tray capabilities or damaged products because of improper transfer methods.

Ejection Pick and Place to allow easy automatization & machine synchronization with online solutions.

Dimensions approx. (H x W x D)

7.000 mm x 3.000 mm

Forming area
900 x 600 mm
Forming depth (max.)
100 mm
Forming table driven by
Transfer table driven by
Drying presses
Closing force per press
300 kN
Dry cycle output (max.)
5 cycles / minute
Product ejection stacking by
Servodriven pick & place
Power supply
400V III + N + G
Forming / Drying capacity
1T / day
Air supply
8 Bars
RAL 9002

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