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Ecological packaging laminating
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Laminating machine LH76

Ecological packaging
Ecological packaging
Ecological laminate packaging

Fully automatic laminating machine for fiber trays and other products.


  • Roll fed process by compostable and other films
  • Servo driven film transport
  • Automatic adjustment for film width
  • In-feed conveyor for preformed pulp trays
  • Servo-assisted laminating station
  • Adjustable ceramic heater divided by zones with PID control
  • Accurate control of film heating process
  • Quick and flexible tool change-over system
  • Trimming process by cutting knives
  • Stacking process upwards
  • Sturdy and accessible frame
  • Easy and simple maintenance jobs
  • User friendly, colour touch screen interface
  • On-line checking by VPN
  • Data Logging feature
  • Possibility to add trays feeding and control systems


LH76 laminating machine integrates all operations, picking preformed fiber trays from a conveyor, laminating by vacuum through film roll, individual product trimming and stacking of the final product. Process concept to obtain waterproof and sealable preformed fiber trays or other products.

Dimensions approx. (H x W x D)

2.650 mm x 5.910 mm x 11.590 mm

Estimated weight

7.500 kg

Forming film roll diameter (max.)
800 mm
Roll core diameter
76 mm
Laminating film thickness (max.)
200 microns
Laminating film thickness (min.)
30 microns
Laminating film width (max.)
820 mm
Laminating film width (min.)
560 mm
Vacuum forming area (max.)
710 x 600 mm
Forming depth (max.)
100 mm
Vacuum pump Flow
190 m3/h
Heating power
28 kW
Forming tables driven by
Trimming tables driven by
Trimming power
60 Tn
Die-cutting precision
+/- 0.3 mm
Stacking driven by
Dry cycle output
10 cycles/minute
Total installed power
60 kW
Air consumption (at dry/cycle)
25 m3/h
Power supply
400V III+G+N 50Hz
RAL 9002

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