Custom blister packaging solutions for batteries

Embalaje de blisters

Hamer Packaging is known for offering tailor-made solutions aimed at providing a robust solution to the technical challenges faced by our customers, blister packaging machines and blister solutions.
For this purpose we have been developing a multitude of specialized packaging systems for the battery and battery market for years with the largest European and global manufacturers of blister solutions and blister packaging machines.

This year we have had the opportunity to collaborate with Multipac, manufacturing a BPC35 blister machine capable of agglutinating the production of a multitude of stacks of different sizes, formats and orientations in a single machine by means of a simple change of tools with the blister packer.

The most important technical challenge for the project has been the automation of a feeding and positioning system capable of covering blisters of eight, ten, twenty or twelve stacks with a blister packer and blister machine. In the latter case with the requirement that two of them must be placed in a transverse direction to the remaining ten with blister solutions with blister packer and blister machine.
To change the orientation of these two batteries, our engineering department developed a complex pick and place system with a battery turner that allows the rotation of the piles at 90 degrees without losing cycle time, allowing Multipac to maintain the high production required by blister packaging machines.

100% Ecological

In Hamer Pack we offer our customers a viable alternative to the typical plastic packaging for the packaging of products, given the concern for the environment, we developed a technology that allows the manufacture of cellulose pulp packaging, 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly. Thanks to the combination of pressure and temperature we can dry the cellulose pulp, resulting in the ability to create softer shapes and much more defined contours that adapt to the shape of the product they contain.