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Cardboard Blister Machine HS63

The HS63 is a carousel type blister sealing machine designed for medium and high runs.


  • The cardboard blister is automatically folded.
  • Products are loaded into the blisters.
  • Back cart is automatically feeded into the sealing trace.
  • Cards are automatically heat-sealed to the blisters.
  • Suction cups lift the final packs from the sealing trays and move them out of the machine.
  • PLC controlled through HMI


The HS63 is a carousel-type blister-sealing machine for medium and high runs. Suitable to produce fully cardboard blisters, trapped blisters, and traditional plastic cardboard blisters. The machine has been designed to run as a standalone sealing machine or in line with a forming machine.
Flexible and modular design which uses a simple transport system to move the sealing fixtures through the machine’s stations.

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