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blister packaging BPC25H BPC35H
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Blister packaging BPC 25H / BPC 35H

blister packaging BPC25H BPC35H
blister packaging BPC25H BPC35H
blister packaging BPC25H BPC35H
blister packaging BPC25H BPC35H
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Envasadora blíster bpc23
blister packaging BPC25H BPC35H
blister packaging BPC25H BPC35H

Automatic line machine suitable for manufacturing face-seal blister, full-sealed blister, full plastic blister and blister to blister.


  • Dedicated to the production of medium and long runs.
  • Modular design through available options.
  • Robust and accessible construction.
  • Low operating and maintenance cost of the machine.
  • Quick tool set change-over.
  • PLC operated, touch-screen controlled.
  • Steel-rule die cutter, which avoids misalignment in the cut.
  • Film traction by chain conveyor.
  • Automatic card feeder.
  • Available in two sizes:
    • 350×250 mm in the case of the BPC25H.
    • 500×350 mm in the case of the BPC35H
  • •EU safety rules compliance.

The most common optional extras are:

  • Pressure forming to produce more detailed pieces.
  • Customizable length of loading area.
  • High frequency welding.
  • Dedicated printing and coding system (flexographic printers, inkjet based coders, etc)
  • Punching station for the euro-holder.
  • Possibility to manufacture a blister to blister pack.


The BPC25H / BPC35H machines integrate all operations needed to manufacture a blister package, from forming the blister, loading of the product and sealing, to trimming operations.

Dimensions approx. (H x W x D)

1.800 x 1.120 x 9.860 mm (BPC 25H) - 1.800 x 1.320 x10.660 mm (BPC 35H)

Estimated weight

2.500 Kg (BPC 25H) - 3.500 Kg (BPC 35H)



Forming film roll diameter (max.)
500 mm (800 mm optional)
Forming film thickness (max.)
0.5 mm (1 mm optional)
Forming film width (max.)
400 mm ( model BPC 25H )
570 mm ( model BPC 35H )
Forming area (max.)
350x250 mm ( model BPC 25H )
500x350 mm ( model BPC 35H )
Forming area (min.)
230x100 mm ( model BPC 25H )
300x100 mm ( model BPC 35H )
Forming depth below film line (max.)
80 mm
Vacuum pump flow
21 m3/h ( model BPC 25H )
40 m3/h ( model BPC 35H )
Heating power
9,2 kW ( model BPC 25H )
17,2 kW ( model BPC 35H )
Sealing film roll diameter (max.)
400 mm
Sealing film width (max.)
370 mm ( model BPC 25H )
540 mm ( model BPC 35H )
Loading area length
2.000 mm
Loading area height
950 mm
Sealing force
5000 Kg ( model BPC 25H )
7.500 Kg ( model BPC 35H )
Die-cutting force
7.500 Kg ( model BPC 25H )
12.000 Kg ( model BPC 35H )
Cycle speed (dry conditions)
30 cycles/min
Total installed power
21,72 kW ( model BPC 25H )
32,22 kW ( model BPC 35H )
Total air consumption (dry cycle)
102 m3/h ( model BPC 25H )
150 m3/h ( model BPC 35H )
Power supply
400 V+T+N, 50 Hz

Described machine specifications may differ from final specifications of your ordered machine. Some of the equipment described or shown may be available only at extra cost.

Application sectors

  • DIY
  • Home decor
  • Lighting
  • Office supplies
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Hardware supplies
  • Toys
  • Cosmetics and Beauty
  • Personal care
  • Automotion
  • Household products
  • Childhood products
  • Batteries

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