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thermoforming machines TVP35
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Thermoforming machine TVP 35

thermoforming machines TVP35 muestra
thermoforming machines TVP35 muestra
thermoforming machines TVP35 muestra
thermoforming machines TVP35 muestra
thermoforming machines TVP35 muestra

Automatic vacuum and pressure thermoforming machine with separate stations for thermoforming, die-cutting and vertical stacking of the final product in a conveyor belt.


  • Dedicated to the production of medium and long runs of small pieces.
  • Working area of 500×350 mm.
  • It allows the moulding of pieces of 70/80 mm height (above and below the film line respectively).
  • Roll feeded.
  • Film traction by chain conveyor.
  • Film heating (patented system).
    • Fixed heater equipped with ceramic resistances and a motorized roller shutter in stainless steel that allows to regulate the area of ​​radiation.
    • It improves the initial cycle efficiency after a stop, by avoiding the overheating of the area to be molded.
    • Prevents heat dissipation, reducing electrical consumption.
  • Vertical stacking station “from top to bottom”
    • Simplicity of stacking and adjusting tooling.
    • Possibility of using the same stacking tooling for different products.
    • Savings in adjustment time and tooling costs.
  • Pressure forming to produce more detailed pieces.
  • Allows the installation of an additional punching station.
  • PLC operated, touch-screen controlled.
  • EU safety rules compliance.



The thermoforming machine is fed from a plastic roll. The film is heated in the heating module until it reaches the appropriate temperature depending on the type of plastic and then goes to the moulding station, cutting and finally, the pieces finishes in the vertical stacking station.

Dimensions approx. (H x W x D)

1.900mm x 1.320mm x 6.960mm

Estimated weight

4.000 Kg.

Forming film roll diameter (max.)
500 (800 mm optional) mm
Forming film thickness (max.)
up to 1 mm
Forming film width (max.)
570 mm
Forming film width (min.)
330 mm
Forming area (max.)
500 x 350 mm
Forming area (min.)
300 x 200 mm
Forming depth below film line (max.)
80 mm
Forming height above film line (max.)
70 mm
Vacuum pump flow
40 m3/h
Forming pressure
6 bars
Heating power 4,4
17,2 kW
Forming tables driven by
Trimming press tables driven by
Trimming power
26 ton
Dry cycle output
30 Cycles/min.
Stacker driven by
Total installed power
26,79 kW
Air consumption (at dry/cycle)
175 m3/h
Power supply
400 V+N+T, 50 Hz

Described machine specifications may differ from final specifications of your ordered machine. Some of the equipment described or shown may be available only at extra cost.

Application sectors

  • DIY
  • Home decor
  • Lighting
  • Office supplies
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Hardware supplies
  • Toys
  • Food and drinks
  • Agroindustry
  • Cosmetics and Beauty
  • Personal care
  • Automotion
  • Household products
  • Childhood products
  • Batteries

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