Strategic collaboration with Leygatech

Hamer announces a strategic collaboration with Leygatech.  

Together we work on promoting the development and reaching the greatest potential on circular solutions for single-use packaging.

With HP96 pulp forming machine we produce disposable trays and components addressed to different sectors. Since these trays are intended for food-use, they must be laminated to properly preserve the properties of the product inside.

Leygatech offers different film solutions for lamination of pulp trays, which have been validated to work on our laminating machine LH76. “Film materials tested for different thicknesses, from 30µmm to 80µmm films”.


  • our LTBIO 08 for a biodegradable version
  • our BAR 256 for a barrier hybrid version

The actions proposed by Leygatech to help circular economy in packaging:

  • Thinner materials to reduce carbon footprint
  • Materials made from recycled plastics, suitable for food contact
  • Recyclable mono-materials

Find out more about lamination at the following link:


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